Spanish nuevo

Our Spanish courses


DURATION: 60 min.

PRICE: We have special packs.

10 lessons for 180€. 20 lessons for 350€ 

20€ per lesson without the pack. 

Registration feed: 20€

It is our most flexible type of lesson. It can be adapted to all your needs (vocabulary,
DELE exams, conversation or grammar). We also offer workshops, lessons with a
group of students of the same level, Spanish culture lessons outside the centre as
well as communication and speaking lessons with Spanish natives.

 DURATION: 2  lessons of 60 min per week (one month)

PRICE: 60€

Maximum 5 students of the same level.


Our group lessons are fantastic for those who are spending time in Spain for a month
or more. It offers the opportunity of communicating with people with the same level
while participating in different types of activities. The main objective of these lessons
is to improve the main four skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing) which are
all useful in day-to-day life.


DURATION: Minimum one week starting every Monday.

PRICE: 160€

Maximum 5 students of the same level.

The intensive courses are aimed at students who want to improve their level of
Spanish in a short period.
They consist of twenty hours of lessons every week, four hours a day from Monday to
Friday. We also offer a combination of the course with
activities that are available at the school (See activities and tours).

Escuela Atenea also offers Standard Courses for individual classes. In this case,
we reduce the number of daily classes from four to two (ten weekly lessons).
Likewise, we reduce the daily lessons from four to three (fifteen weekly lessons) if
there are two or three students in the class.

Some Spanish courses and activities